Philosophy & Approach

Do you ever have difficulty grasping a new concept?  Have you ever read a page and felt completely blank?


In some study environments these common occurrences are seen as an inability to concentrate, or worse yet — a learning disability or behavioral disorder.  


At Columbia Academy that is not the case.  The school is licensed by Applied Scholastics to use educational materials based on the works of author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. This includes the highly successful Study Technology, a learning system that teaches students to identify the three most common barriers to study, and provides precise steps for overcoming them.


Students better understand what they read and study, and are able to apply the knowledge at school, and in life.  All of the units and courses taught at Columbia Academy incorporate these basic principles.  

"Columbia Academy changed my son's life. He's a much happier kid. If your child learns differently and has attention issues, or just needs to learn at their own pace, Columbia Academy is the answer."

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100% Comprehension

Columbia Academy strives for 100% comprehension.  This does not mean that perfection is expected in our

students.  It simply means that the ultimate goal when studying any subject is to completely understand the material.  Any testing is done for the purpose of assessing comprehension, and grades are not assigned.


While a 95% test score may sound favorable, it actually indicates that 5% of the material is unknown or misunderstood, which will weaken the student's certainty of the subject and may result in future difficulties.  Rather than moving on, the student is reinstructed on the material missed, so that he or she achieves 100% mastery of the subjects studied and progresses through the program with confidence.


Click here to view or print our March/April 2010 Newsletter.  This issue spotlights a powerful part of our curriculum referred to as "checksheets" and features an article written by an upperclassman describing just a few checksheets she and her classmates completed. 


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